Monetize Firefox Addon With One Line of Code

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August 8, 2016

The best way to make a steady income online is to set up as many quality revenue streams as possible. Making use of methods to monetize Firefox addon is a smart way to target your users that utilize that browser can make sure of the Baseify search engine to comparison shop using a semantic search that makes finding items in the same category and comparison shopping a breeze.

How the Monetize Firefox Addon Works

Browser extension monetization is simple, you just enroll in the Simple Products program at no cost, and then you’ll be given a single line of code to insert in your site. This will allow visitors that utilize Firefox as well as IE, Chrome, Safari and other browsers to make sure of the semantic search.

Benefits of Utilizing Semantic Search

This isn’t a boring old text search toolbar. The Simple Products will take any item that your website visitor is searching for and using a special algorithm, compare images across numerous sites. The database utilized has over 100 million products served up by thousands of merchants. Best of all, when a site visitor clicks and makes a purchase, you earn. This is soft selling as it’s best through a simple monetize extension. There are no glaring ads in your website visitors faces asking them to buy anything. It’s simply allowing them to search for what they want to purchase, and allowing them to comparison shop for the best prices. Plus you’re able to market on your own website to the people that are already looking to buy.

Monetize Firefox Addon Works for Increasing Revenue

Let’s face it, the more options you give your website visitors, the more likely they are to make a purchase. The Baseify Semantic search is easy for even the least tech savvy users to comparison shop, and it’s just a matter to click through on items to make a purchase at the merchants sites. If you have your own products you wish to make available via the Semantic search, simply sign up as a publisher through comparison shopping sites such as Then your own products can be presented through the use of the monetize toolbar.

About Baseify

Baseify is an iLeviathan LLC Company from Nevada. Nico Black (M.A.) founded the semantic search that is the heart of the Baseify engine. Wanting to change the face of search that required text. Sometimes people don’t know the name of what they are looking for, but their past search patterns allow to pinpoint their true interest. An algorithm was developed that will search through user behavior looking for the basis of their search, hence the name – Baseify.

User Reviews

Here are just three of the many testimonials given by people that are both website owners as well as users of the Baseify search. “Thank you for doing a good job @ helping me find such a Great Deal on the New Computer I needed so bad, but would not have bought yet, had my husband not been surfing on another computer he was using while his was in the shop!!!” posted by Vicky from the United States. Another user, Monique M. from the United States writes, “I love the “see similar” feature on the search all engine.” Last but not least, from Julia B from the United States, used the Baseify search and reports, “Good morning; in response to a request for ‘feedback’, I thought it was pretty good. Although I’m ‘wishing’ for a 2TB external drive, your app allowed me to see the wide range of prices.

You need to create revenue streams from your website and your visitors want and deserve a quality experience from your site. Give your visitors that utilize the Mozilla browser the benefit of semantic search when you monetize firefox addon with Baseify. Enroll and get started today.

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